Energy Management Optimization

In today’s world, facility management teams from financial decision makers to operational personnel are tasked with balancing the weight of energy costs with no compromise to occupant comfort.  Building management systems have become increasingly intelligent, creating a technology that interacts seamlessly within the facility.  Complete building optimization is a wise investment as facility owners, managers and engineers are seeing tangible benefits and realized, expected return on investment (ROI).

Through qualified improvement of energy performance, facility optimization can ensure meeting the goals of “Green” building certifications, specific building codes, utility incentives and prolonged sustainability. As independent integrators, SmartCon Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide a complete energy systems package including efficiency based designs, automated system controls and 3rd party software integrations.

Based on an in-depth professional assessment, our team can create and implement a complete facility commissioning plan that fits a building’s specific energy concerns. SmartCon Solutions’ services have been extremely successful in ensuring peak building performance across multiple market sectors such as Hospitality, University Housing and Healthcare facilities.  
In addition, SmartCon is committed to post completion service and maintenance through the offering of our comprehensive SmartCare
​Service Plan.
  • Reduces operational risk
  • Increases staff effectiveness       
  • Reduction in maintenance cost
  • Reduces energy waste
  • Aids in long term budget planning
  1. Commercial
    Substantial financial benefits exist for companies that have actively invested in building optimization and energy efficiency.
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