SmartCon serves the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean and specializes in the following Markets:


SmartCon’s collaboration with technology manufacturers provide the hospitality industry with a complete solution to occupancy based room control integrations.​

SmartCon is aligned with a variety of preferred manufacturers and vendors that provide leading edge thermostats, lighting controls, electronic locking control systems, and other occupant environment amenities.

Student Housing

College and university communities across the country are realizing the importance of implementing active strategies directed at reducing energy usage.  SmartCon’s energy management solution provides a proactive, virtual oversight of your campus facilities resources through lighting and temperature control. Higher Education dormitories are unoccupied approximately 70 percent of the time. This statistic emphasizes the need for a room status technology that regulates energy consumption.

Senior Housing

Senior Housing facilities face numerous requirements concerning health, while balancing the rising costs of healthcare and energy usage within strict budgetary constraints. As a result, energy management technology has become an administrative priority. Buildings operating at a high performance level use over 20 percent less energy. SmartCon provides an advanced approach to energy management, designed specifically for your facility.

Military Housing

Soldiers spend the majority of their time away from their barracks. Occupancy-based energy management system controls energy usage, and features a highly secure platform, while boosting energy savings.

If the family is residing in the unit as well, rest assured that every living space will be monitored for optimum comfort and room automation control.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Optimizing energy efficiency in multi-dwelling facilities can be more complex than achieving this goal in any other building type. Much of the difference lies in the variables of the resident as owner, or on a lease agreement.

Despite these issues, the benefits of reduced energy consumption have emerged as a priority to management teams. We are experienced in the installation of multi-dwelling energy management technologies that combine efficiency, building longevity and improved tenant safety.