SmartCon: Your Partner in Efficiency and Innovation

We understand that the first step towards optimizing your building’s energy efficiency is a comprehensive evaluation of your current guest room controls and building systems. That’s why we offer No-Cost Site Surveys to assess your needs and provide tailored solutions that enhance your operational efficiency and bottom line.


Our No Cost Site Surveys Include:

Detailed Assessments

We evaluate your current guest room controls and energy usage and identify opportunities for improvement.

Customized Solutions

Our experts provide personalized recommendations to enhance your building’s energy efficiency.

Implementation Roadmap

We create a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your energy goals, including timelines and cost estimates.

What You Get with Our No-Cost Site Surveys

Expert Analysis

Our team of seasoned professionals brings extensive experience and knowledge to every survey, ensuring accurate and insightful assessments.

Immediate Benefits

Identify quick wins and longer-term strategies to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability.

No Obligation

Our surveys are completely free with no committment required, providing you with valuable information at no cost.

Additional Available Support and Services

24/7 Support

Reliable and consistent support whenever you need it.

Training and Education

Unlimited staff training to ensure your team is well-equipped to manage new systems and technologies.

Regional Presence

Local support staff and technicians can assist you promptly and effectively.

Rebate Management

Assistance with identifying and applying for available rebates and incentives.

Sustainability Reporting

Comprehensive ESG reporting to help you meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate your committment to sustainability.