Lock Integrations

The housing industry has become the major player in door lock safety integrations. This evolving technology not only provides optimal guest room security, it also expands operational efficiencies and contributes to cost effectiveness.  Door lock systems communicate via an on-line virtual network, and are capable of providing reports pertaining to room access points, enhancing customer security. SmartCon is experienced in the integration of door lock technologies from various vendors, and with any property management system.

Do Not Disturb/Make Up Room

Guest privacy and convenience can be maximized through the integration of DND/MUR commands. SmartCon, in alliance with their premium industry partnerships, can integrate customized exterior corridor and in-room controls that compliment your property’s décor and ensure guest comfort and hotel staff efficiency.

Voice Recognition Technology

The Hospitality industry must continue to keep pace with an ever changing technology-capable landscape. The ability to manage in-room temperature, lighting, entertainment and other amenities via voice control provides guests with a personalized, convenient system that powers their environment. Voice control integrations also generate data analytics that can improve operational efficiency and ultimately revenue savings.

Mini-Bar Systems

As independent third party software integrators, SmartCon Solutions is experienced in the commissioning of guest room mini bar technologies. This automated application has become an industry standard, providing staffing relief, loss reduction, tracking reports and a streamlined check-out process.

In-Room Safes

Integrating your property’s guest room safes with a property management system has shown to be a positive factor in reducing room security maintenance costs and liability issues, as opposed to non-integration. Bringing safes online through automated technologies provides an increased level of security by generating a verification footprint of when and by whom a hotel safe is accessed. The SmartCon Solutions team can commission this in-room security essential, protecting your guest’s valuables and providing them the peace of mind
they deserve.

Mobile Hospitality Applications

As travelers become more tech savvy, they expect their travel experiences to follow suit. Today’s hotel guest brings an average of three connected devices with them during their stay. This is a great opportunity to tap into their already existing habits that will provide a more engaged experience.

Working in conjunction with various mobile software platforms, the app literally puts the controls in the guests’ hands. The app can also be designed to easily integrate with your existing guest loyalty application, providing a seamless interaction with the hotel branded content. To top it off, you can pre-program rooms to a loyal guest’s preferred settings during their stay, and potentially capture an even more loyal customer.