SmartCon Solutions Acquires Sentient Buildings

SmartCon Solutions Acquires Sentient Buildings, Expanding Its Leadership in Smart Building Technology

SmartCon Solutions, a leading provider of innovative smart building solutions, announced its successful acquisition of Sentient Buildings, a prominent leader in the field of intelligent building management systems. This strategic move positions SmartCon Solutions as a dominant force in the market, combining its existing expertise with Sentient Buildings’ cutting-edge technology and expansive customer base.

The acquisition of Sentient Buildings, headquartered in Tarrytown, NY, marks a significant milestone for SmartCon Solutions and highlights the company’s dedication to delivering advanced solutions that enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and comfort of buildings. By integrating Sentient Buildings’ intelligent building management platform, SmartCon Solutions will further accelerate the development of groundbreaking technologies that optimize energy usage, improve the guest room experience, automate operations, and create more connected and responsive environments. This move will also extend SmartCon’s presence into both the multi-family and commercial building sectors.

“Sentient’s technology aligns perfectly with our smart building solutions, and we are excited about the added services this partnership will bring to our customers including occupancy monitoring, HVAC optimization, lighting control, and predictive maintenance seamlessly integrated into a unified platform,” said William Brown, General Manager of SmartCon Solutions.

SmartCon will leverage the acquired NeuroCore cloud software platform for data analytics, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to enable real-time monitoring and intelligent control of building systems. The NeuroCore cloud software platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze data and make predictive and adaptive adjustments, providing greater efficiency and comfort for building occupants and hotel guests.

The combined services of SmartCon Solutions and Sentient Buildings will provide customers with an enhanced suite of smart building solutions that empower them to unlock operational efficiencies, reduce energy consumption, and improve occupant comfort.

To ensure a seamless transition, SmartCon Solutions will retain key personnel from Sentient Buildings and leverage their expertise to further strengthen its position as an industry leader. Clients of both companies will continue to receive uninterrupted service and will benefit from the combined knowledge and resources that the acquisition brings.

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